Top 5 Best Painting Materials That Every Creative Artist Wants To Buy

Top Art Supplies That Every Creative Artist Wants To Buy

Are you an Artist? or someone who loves painting?

Then I know that you're always been someone who searches for great art supplies that can improve your Artistic Creativity. If you want to learn how to draw or paint and are wondering what material you should use to be a better sketcher or designer, this list of art supplies covers the top 5 art supplies products that every professional artist use. In this article, you will learn about each supply and how to choose the best one to enhance your creativity level and boost up your artistic soul.





  • Sketchbook
  • Graphite drawing pencil.
  • Kneaded eraser.
  • Art Pencils
  • Acrylic paint pens or watercolor ( Whatever you suit).



Sketch Book

Sketch Book

A sketch book sometimes knows as drawing book, are an essential tool for your illustrations and drawing whether you start with a simple coloured house or a complexed 3D Model, this item should be first on your list. The art book can be used for drawing, shaping, practicing composition, shading, and other drawing practicing areas. Even if your primary interest is in painting. An art sketchbook is a perfect drawing canvas to plan out a sketch out your minimalism before working on other materials. In simple words: You always need a drawing sketchbook to draw, paint or illustrate your creativity



Charcoal Drawing Pencils

Graphite Drawing Pencil - Charcoal Pencil

If you're a great sketcher or dark illustrator then a great Graphite Drawing Pencil must be on your desk whenever you do your stuff. Graphite pencil can be used to draw everything and anything from the simplest of sketches to highly detail minimal drawing. They can be brought individually, or in sets.

But there is a type of pencils HARDER PENCIL and SOFTER PENCIL.

harder pencils make lighter lining while softer pencils draw the darker lines,




Kneaded Erasers

Kneaded Eraser

kneaded erasers are mainly used by artists to eliminate unwanted pencil marks. These special types of pencil erasers won't damage the paper or leave sediment behind. The kneaded eraser is used to erase large or small areas without having any issues. This kind of pencil rubber are worthless when you don't even have a great sketching and drawing pencils.




Sketching and Drawing Pencils

Art Pencil

In most artistic tracks, you can never succeed or even impossible without getting the most important tool "a drawing art pencil". In such niches is creativity, It doesn't signify if you're an architecture, a Designer, A Graphics Designer, an Illustrator, or a Professional Artist, or simply you're just even learning to draw. A good art pencil is always an essential part of any artistic area, supply or element.

Even though we've gone over how to select the best charcoal pencil or colored pencils, there is a way to separate factors about which and when do we have to pick up the right charcoal or graphite pencil to add on your selection. In fact, you probably like most artists painting and looping around using various complex art pencils depending on the outcome you're seeking for. But I'd say it can be challenging, like choosing great especially art supplies can never be a personal preference. Once you think this can be a great brand for your art materials, then you can mix up and match different pencils to expand your designing and drawing capabilities.

We can suggest the best pencils that exist in almost every store which allows you to explore with a wide variety of shading and contrast material.




Now the most important thing is that.




paint pens for rocks

Acrylic Paint Pens

This is one of the most awesome gadgets if you do painting, coating or over learing. Acrylic paint set can be the best choice for you if you love painting in a simple and fantastic way. They are mostly water based acrylic paint pens, so paint thinner can never be your headache for painting or clean up. You don't even need to mess up with a bunch of different stuff while painting, you just gotta pick a suitable colored acrylic markers and start painting.


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painting with acrylics

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