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Pack Of 12 Best Acrylic Pens Set | 0.7mm Extra Fine Tip Acrylic Paint Pens | Best Acrylic Paint Pens For Rocks

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  • Best For Professionals
  • Extra fine tip
  • Canvas Friendly
  • Quick Dry Pigment
  • ASTM D-4236 Certified
  • Top Quality, Leak Proof, Non Toxic
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Solid Energetic Colors: Sigh with the soul of an artist with 12 vibrant acrylic colors. Begin with Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Violet, Orange, and keep coloring cause sky is the only limit with these acrylic paint pens for rocks. These ultra-fine tip Acrylic paint pens consist of 0.7mm fine point, are accurate for outlining, and are ideal for liner strokes.

Best Quality Acrylic Paint: Manufactured from dense, permanent, solid, and most reliable quality of acrylic paint. It has a characteristic of non-toxic, fast dry, glossy, water-based pigment that keeps it unique energetic, and vibrant colors on all surfaces. After some time, when you're fulfilled, the painting shines up move glistening and are able to coat another layer over it of different acrylic paint and have the attribute of classic gradient effects.

Acrylic Paint Markers: This set of best acrylic paint pens consist of 12 bright, glossy, and permanent acrylic paint pens. Ideal for paper, cardboard, wood, porcelain, textile, metals rocks, and all other soaking metals. Comes with 0.7mm extra-fine tip acrylic paint pens best for linear and big canvas painting that doesn't fade and persists its shiny vibrant colors.

Perfect For Various Canvases: Don't worry about gesso or any hard coating before painting with these extra-fine tip acrylic paint pens. Just pick up your portrait which can be Rocks, Wood, Stones, Plastic, Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass, Enamel, or any Metal, start painting and compose the most excellent artwork of all of the time. Start with Clothes, Shoes, Mugs, Cardboard, Hang Bags, and decorate them! Feel The Artistic Soul

Beginner Guides: Begin with our free starter guides on how you can use extra fine tip acrylic paint pens for rocks or any other canvases that you'll receive with the package, plus you can download it anytime you want.

Properties: Width Of The Tip: 0.7mm ultra-fine tip | Acrylic Paint: Quick dry, permanent, non-toxic, and water-based ink paint. 101% safe having ASTM D-4236 certification. Kinds and adult-friendly | Side Of Markers: 12 Bright Colour Best acrylic paint pens for rocks | Width Of Markers: 1.1cm, Length: 13.2cm | Dimensions Of Box: 13.7*6.9*2.3 cm

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