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Drawlish Paint Palette Tray 8 Pcs Round Plastic Washable Paint Pallet for Acrylic Painting, Watercolor, Art Projects for Kids & Students

SKU Paint-Palette-Pack-of-5-DL
  • Washable & Reusable
  • Suitable for all types of paint
  • Easy to hold
  • Sturdy & Durable
  • Pack of 8 with 11 Slots
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Drawlish Paint Palette Tray Pack of 8

The 8 Piece Paint Tray Pallets are made of premium white plastic, high quality, sturdy, durable and hygienic. Our paint palette has the advantages of strong and durable structure, smooth surface, anti-breakage, and it can be cleaned quickly and easily. Round plastic pallets with 8 slots and 1 central reservoir are the best choice for holding and mixing colors. Widely used in parties, schools, workshops and art classes.

Features of Washable Paint Pallet:

⭐ Pack of Eight: Our paint supplies include an eight-round paint pallet with smooth edges and a non-absorbing surface. Pure white color pallet offers precise visibility of pigment and lets you mix color accurately.

 Freedom to Paint: This Plastic paint palette has ten 3.3cm deep wells to separately hold multiple colors and a 7.5cm central reservoir for efficient mixing. Works well for all pigments including acrylic, watercolor, oil paint, and gouache.

⭐ Wide Application: Paint pallet can be used for acrylic painting, school projects, workshops, art and craft, painting games, and more.

⭐ No more Hand Fatigue: The pallet lets you enjoy long hours of painting. Unlike wooden paint holders, it is made lightweight so that you can enjoy painting for long without getting tired.

 Durable: Premium quality plastic paint tray is sturdy, does not crack or break. Just wash and reuse for as many times as you want. This one-time purchase will serve you for long

⭐ Portable: All pallets nicely stack upon each other for convenient storage and are easy to carry wherever you go.

 Kid’s Painting Class: This lightweight plastic paint palette is specifically designed to easily hold and be used by kids for art class, painting projects.

 DIY Birthday Décor: Get creative with this paint tray. Place the cupcake in the middle and put embellishment, candles, and decorative items around it in well and impress everyone with your cake presentation.

⭐ For Nail Art: Our painting supplies for kids are equally famous among aestheticians and nail art freaks. It can hold all your nail art accessories and let you paint nails like a pro.

⭐ Thoughtful Gift: Nothing can be more joyous for your artistic friend than our paint pallets. A great gift for your artistic friends, professional painters, kids, art students.

 To Enjoy Endless Hours of Fun Painting, Order Now! 


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: White
  • Measurement: 7.5x17x3.3cm
  • Package Includes: 10 x Paint Pallet

How to Clean Paint Pallet?

Simply rinse with water and if paint gets dry then soak for a few minutes in soapy water before rinsing.

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