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Acrylic Paint Pens Set of 4 Black & White | 2 White Paint Pens & 2 Black Paint Pens | 0.7 mm Fine Nylon Tip, For Rock, Wood, Fabric, Glass, & more

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  • Rich Black and White Color
  • Nylon Fine Tip
  • Light Weight
  • Best Quality Paint Pens
  • Non Toxic, Leak Proof
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Drawlish Acrylic Paint Pens Set of 4 Black And White

Drawlish Acrylic Paint Pens come in a Pack of 4 including 2 Black and 2 White. Our extra-fine Nylon Tip of 0.7 mm with Italian Acrylic Ink is handy for detailed and outline work. Ideal for every age group use.

  • Rich black paint colour accompanying opaque white colour.
  • A smooth flow of ink on several surfaces.
  • Easy to work with its hand-friendly grip.

Features of Drawlish 4 Black And White Marker Pen:

Classic Black And White Markers: This pack includes 4 paint pens include 2 black and 2 white acrylic paint pens that can fulfill all your paint sketching demands. Using the light and dark blending of colours, it delivers the most loyal paintings that formulate beautiful impacts.

Permanent And Patterned: These black and white acrylic paint pens create patterned hits onto the canvas due to their ultra-fine tip. They are just one push to get started.

Fast Drying Pigment: These paint pens have Italian water-based acrylic paint that dries quickly so there is no wait during this painting session.

Acid-Free, Non-Toxic, And Odor Less: ASTM D-4236 Certified means there is not any chemical that can harm artists of all ages. Adult and kids friendly. Please avoid direct inhaling!

Royal Comforts: These white and black acrylic paint pens furnishes glossy coverage on all exteriors from the shiny to the roughs. Due to water-based permanent paint, it dries instantly and polishes well on both dark and light surfaces. These black and white acrylic paint pens are lightweight which is easy to hold and paint on big canvases like stones, cardboard, glass, porcelain, ceramic, plastic, rocks, etc.

Ultra Fine Tips: These Japanese nylon tips don't lose their shape and never leak, keep the inks on surfaces like rocks and glass perfectly. These ultra-fine tips are usually used to draw an outline to your artwork and detail it.

Surface Friendly: Being water-based, think pigment, these white and black acrylic paint pens work on all surfaces that you can touch right now! Yes, it can paint onto the back cover of your mobile phone, the clothes you're wearing, and on the mug, in which you're drinking coffee right now including fabrics ceramics, stone, boards, wood, metal, glass, window.

High-End Coverage: Our white acrylic paint pens have a deep, rich, and solid acrylic paint colour. You don’t have to go over lines multiple times. You can use the black acrylic paint pens to outline or to add a drop shadow, while the white acrylic paint pen's fine tip is translucent enough to leave a subtle highlight, or you can go over the line again to make a bolder statement. You will love the finish of these black and white acrylic paint pens they dry with a shine and feel slightly raised.

Creative Partner: Your creativity partner is here! With its nice, gentle, and steady flow of acrylic paint, these black and white acrylic paint pens are ideal for young and professional artists to work on different DIY projects, art and craft, designing, painting, calligraphy-like writing, and what else?

An Ideal Gift: An ideal gift for any occasion and all ages; whether it’s a seasonal holiday, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, birthday, ceremony, graduation, promotion, or even a goodbye gift, this is the perfect memory to give your loved ones.

Artistic Experience: Unlike other traditional paintbrushes, the Drawlish stationery store odourless paint, and fine point paint markers allow a lot of control. Now complete drawings on alternative materials easily without a brush. You do not have to worry about the nib fraying like felt paint pens. The colour flows smoothly and smoothly as long as too much pressure isn’t applied.

For Budding Artists: Work on fun projects, no matter if you use a white paint pen or black paint pens on shiny surfaces, kids in ornamenting different surfaces with designs, doodles, or write your favourite quotes. Engage your kids in creative sessions with our leak-proof black and white acrylic paint pens. You can even use it yourself to create personalized gifts for friends and family.

Satisfaction Guarantee: There is a team behind the quality checking department of our product. Keeping the quality is our topmost priority. If in any case, the product doesn't meet your expectations, we'll change it or you'll be 100% refunded!

Coverage and Opacity: The black has a deep, rich and solid color. You don’t have to go over lines multiple times. You can use the Black Acrylic Paint Pens to outline or to add a drop shadow. White Acrylic Paint Pens are translucent enough to leave a subtle highlight, or you can go over the line again to make a bolder statement. You will love the finish of these pens; they dry with a sheen and feel slightly raised.

Specifications of Drawlish Paint Pens:

  • Package Includes: Pack of 4 Paint Pens
  • Colors: 2 Black + 2 White Pens
  • Ink: Italian Acrylic Ink
  • Tip Material: Nylon Tip
  • Point type: Extra Fine Point 0. 7mm
  • Product Dimensions: 4.6 x 1.2 x 13.7 cm

Things to Remember:

- Shake it gently before use
- Make sure nib is clean before using
- Prime the nib on a separate piece of paper to get the paint flowing and check ink balance.
- Recap the pen after every use to prevent the ink from drying.

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