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Introducing the Drawlish drawing pencils for artists pack of 8, featuring a range of graphite grades from the soft and smudgy 2B pencil, 12B, 10B, 5B, and 3B to the fine-tipped, hard HB pencils, H and 6H offer versatility and comfort making sketching pencil set the perfect gift for anyone who loves to draw. Our 7 inches long graphite pencils for artists are made of premium basswood, a lightweight yet strong and durable material, it's a renewable resource, making it an eco-friendly choice for artists looking to reduce their impact on the environment. These sketching pencils for artists features a comfortable grip, with a hexagonal barrel design that reduces hand fatigue and makes the art pencils sketching set easy to work for long periods of time without discomfort. These artists pencils feature high-quality graphite cores, ensuring the lead is smooth, consistent, and easy to work with. This allows artists to create sharp lines and clear tonal values in their sketches. Making it a versatile choice for sketching. Artists can work on multiple projects without having to constantly restock their art supplies. The soft 2B pencils grades (10B, 12B, and 5B) are perfect for blending and shading, while the hard H grades (6H, H, and HB pencil) are ideal for fine lines and details. This pack of pencils artist sketching offers professionals complete control over the look and feel of their sketches and the convenience of having all the necessary grades in one pack, making it easy to carry and store. Writing pencils artist set can be used on a variety of surfaces, including paper, canvas, and even wood. This versatility of sketch pencils for drawing makes them a great option for artists who want to work on multiple mediums. Students can use these school pencils for art class, drawing, sketching, doodling, and illustration. Our work pencils are suitable for aspiring artists, architects, and professionals. These shading pencils for art are a must-have for any artist's toolkit.

  • WIDE RANGE OF GRADES: This drawing pencils set includes a variety of grades from soft 2B pencil to 12B, 10B, 5B, 3B and moving on to hard grade HB pencils, H, and 6H, making them suitable for a variety of projects
  • DURABLE LEAD: The lead in these pre-sharpened sketching pencils is break-resistant and features high-quality graphite cores, ensuring the lead is smooth, consistent, and easy to work with
  • IDEAL GIFT: Drawlish art pencils sketching set makes a great gift for artists of all levels, whether they are professionals, hobbyists, or just beginners. It's a perfect gift for anyone who loves to draw!
  • SOFT-TOUCH BARREL: The hexagonal barrel of artist pencils drawing set provides a comfortable grip and reduces hand fatigue, making them a great choice for artists who want to work for long periods of time
  • VERSATILE SKETCH PENCILS: Lightweight and portable graphite pencils made of premium basswood can be used for fine art, illustration, sketching, technical drawing, writing and design work