Drawlish Sketching Pencils Set of 8 Drawing Pencils Including Grades B 2B 4B 6B 8B HB 2H 4H

Drawlish Sketching Pencils Set of 8 Drawing Pencils Including Grades B 2B 4B 6B 8B HB 2H 4H

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  1. Reliable: Adults, kids & artist pencil set with the richness of touch on the barrel, sturdy lead, easy to hold, complete coverage of degrees, lightweight, easy on sharpening, etc
  2. Degrees & Graded Pencils: Complete coverage of 8softness to hardness & dark to lighter B 2B 4B 6B 8B 2H 4H HB pencils for drawing, resistant to fade, smooth texture
  3. Ergonomic Design: Non slip 6.9mm barrel, hexagonal design, easy to grip anywhere on a sketch pencil set. Hold firmly even with a sweaty palm. Won't roll off the desk. sharpener-friendly
  4. Wholesum Package: Set of 8shading pencils for sketching etc with durable, rich touch & quality basswood Black 7 inches graphite pencil set, dip shape head for ease.  Professional & beginners artist set
  5. Versatility & Diversity: Professional pencils for artists, architects, children, adults can be used for sketching, fine detailing, blending, designing, portraiture in home or office.

Drawlish is a UK brand. We have a mission to assist in establishing a society that understands, preserves, appreciates, and encourages art & culture. We’ve started with quality products for arts & supplies and art starter pack kits.

Art of any sort requires favorable conditions to excel, especially a dependable drawing set. With flimsy artist pencils that have broken lead and require honing, again and again, is a distraction. Kids, adults, artists, architects everybody requires a reliable pencil set

Drawlish sketch pencils set of 8 black dust-free graphite pencils is the answer to all grievances. Ergonomic design, variety of grades & degrees, and quality wood, so that artists could express their creativity with focus & peace of mind.


Set: 8 sketch pencils

Colour: Black

Material: Soft Basswood & Graphite

Length: 7 inches

Shape: Hexagonal

Pencil Head: Dip shape head

Grades: 2H 4H HB B 4B 6B 8B 2B pencil

In a professional sketching pencil set, fine detailing, blending, outlining, shading pencils in an artist's hand can reflect his/her creativity. However drawing pencil required to produce softness or hardness, light or dark sketch whenever required. Drawlish resolves these concerns.

Our portrait drawing sketching pencils for artists, kids & adults alike, cover a complete range to create tones, shades, lines, and smudge factors in sketchbook or paper. A versatile for fine detail, designing, sketching, portraiture, writing, blending, etc. Use desired depth, dimensions & degrees with our complete set of 8 artists pencils.

A great gift idea to keep children and teenagers busy in expressing themselves.

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