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From Our Customers


I use these to make Christmas mugs with my kids. They're fun and easy, with bright colors and smooth ink. You can fix mistakes with water. Baking instructions are clear, and we're happy with the results and recommend them.

Charlotte S.
United Kingdom

My son has really enjoyed using these to experiment with different shading on his pictures. He’s young and these do not cost a fortune but give him the opportunity to play around and have fun with his art. He’s new to this technique but he’s doing well. I can’t imagine that a more expensive set would be of any greater benefit to him.

United Kingdom

Bought for decorating and my art sketchbook. I'm an amateur, but my artist granny taught me quality. These paints are super pigmented, great for mixing colors. A little goes a long way. Might experiment with water. Not sure about "sheerness," but colors are vibrant. I got it for £5.86, a great value. Pros: pigmented, mix well, dries nicely, can use water, comes with 3 brushes. A bargain!

United Kingdom

I got these pens for my artistic teenager, and they love them. They're slim, easy to transport, and the colors are vibrant. The nib is great for detailed work. They match the cap colors to the ink, which is handy. The only minor issue was with one of the pens getting stuck, but it was easily fixed. These pens compare well to pricier brands, and my teenager wishes they were sold individually for refills.

Sharon V.
United Kingdom

My table used to be a complete mess, and I never had the time to tidy it up. Then, I got four of these blue folders, and it's like a miracle. My workspace looks super neat now. The best part is, these folders are incredibly sturdy; they can hold over 200 papers, and I've got a ton of documents. Definitely buying again if the mess kept increasing.

Desmond Okoro
Houston, USA

I absolutely adore Drawlish paint pens. They've become a must-have for every painting I do, adding that perfect touch of detail and outlining. In particular, the black and golden metallic pens infuse my artworks with a magical shine.

Imogen Sinclair
London, UK

My 13-year-old daughter adores drawing, so I got her the Drawlish sketch pencils, and she's in love with them. The box looks fancy too!

Alistair Wren
Charleston, USA

These acrylic pens are a fantastic addition to my art supplies. They come well-packaged with clear instructions. The color range is versatile, including silver and gold. The extra fine point is perfect for detail work, although larger washes can be a bit challenging. I've used them on faux leather and watercolor paper with great results. Highly recommend for their quality and price.

Mrs. Jenkinson
United Kingdom
I’m just a self-taught amateur artist but art is my life now, even though I work 72 hours in a week I still find time to draw, for me art is boundless freedom, peace of mind and endless joy.
Art is the way of disconnecting from daily reality, getting lost into colors’s flow and letting magic operating to connect with people from all around the world.
For art is the opportunity to show the world with my eyes, especially the world of animals. I consider myself an animal artist. And I see a huge personality in each of our furry and feathered friends, which they don’t hide!