About Drawlish

Who are we?

Drawlish was founded in 2019, inspired by the profound healing and expressive capabilities of art. The idea for Drawlish emerged during a period of self-discovery and a search for mental peace. It was at this time that we fully realized the powerful impact of art. We began to see every blank canvas and wall as a chance for imaginative expression, offering a peaceful respite in our hectic lives. This provided a way to convey thoughts and emotions elegantly, without the need for words.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to supply artists with high-precision tools, crafted with careful attention to detail, to enhance their artistic endeavors. Our products are precisely designed to ensure that every stroke adds to a work of art that truly embodies the artist's vision and emotions. By focusing on the quality of our products, Drawlish aims to deepen and refine artistic expression. We believe that with the appropriate tools, artists can break free from limitations, bringing their creative visions to life.

Vision at Drawlish

Drawlish stands at the forefront of artistic innovation, providing high-quality tools for artists to express their unique visions and emotions. We are committed to nurturing every artist's journey, celebrating individual creativity and success. We actively support art as a form of therapy for individuals with special needs or disabilities, emphasizing our dedication to societal contribution and inclusivity.