8 Artist Paint Palette Tray - 11 Paint Wells of Artist Palette

Drawlish SKU: Paint-Palette-Pack-of-5-DL
8 Artist Paint Palette Tray - 11 Paint Wells of Artist Palette
11 Paint Wells of Artist Palette
Artist Palette
8 Artist Paint Palette Tray
8 Artist Paint Palette Tray - 11 Paint Wells of Artist Palette
 Paint Palette Tray

8 Artist Paint Palette Tray - 11 Paint Wells of Artist Palette

Drawlish SKU: Paint-Palette-Pack-of-5-DL
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Your Favorite Artist Paints

If you're an artist, you know the importance of having the right painting tools for your craft. An accurate Drawlish artist palette can significantly impact the quality and creativity of your paintings. Therefore, having a high-quality face paint palette is an absolute must. We're pleased to introduce this 8-pack of oil painting palettes with 11 paint wells and one central reservoir each for storing and mixing paint. It provides ample room for you to mix and experiment with different color combinations, giving you the freedom to create your paintings with confidence and precision. The design of the painter palette also ensures that you always have a clean, artistic palette to work with, giving you the best possible results every time.

What makes our washable art pallet stand out?

  • The painting pallet is a classic white color that is versatile and easy to blend with other art supplies. In addition, the white color of art palettes provides a clean, neutral background so you can see the colors in your painting more clearly, giving you a better idea of the result of your artwork. This is especially important for artists experimenting with new color combinations or trying to match colors for specific projects. The neutral background of white watercolor palettes also helps accurately show the vibrancy and richness of the paint.
  • The artist's palette is designed with convenience in mind. Measuring 7.5 x 17 x 3.3 cm, each paint holder thing is compact and portable, allowing you to take it anywhere. The size of our paint tray palette not only makes it easy to carry but also saves space. Suppose you have a limited workspace or prefer to keep your paint tools organized. They can easily fit in your art kit, backpack, or bag, making them an excellent choice for artists who love to travel.
  • The art paint palette is durable, lightweight, and made of high-quality plastic material. The plastic material is easy to clean, so you can use the covers repeatedly without residue buildup. The material is also resistant to breaking and cracking. As a result, you can take them with you on outdoor painting expeditions or to your studio for a long day of painting.
  • These acrylic paint palettes are built to last and are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring they look as good as new even after frequent use. Whether you're a professional artist or enjoy dabbling in the arts, these will make your life easier. With this 8-pack, you'll always have a clean, ready-to-use pallet at your fingertips.
  • The 3.3cm deep wells and a 7.5cm center reservoir provide extra space for storing brushes, painting knives, or other tools. Works well for all pigments, including acrylic, watercolor, oil paint, and gouache. This allows you to have everything you need at your fingertips while you work without constantly switching between tools. This helps keep your workspace neat and organized while saving time.

How to Clean Painting Palette?

To clean an oil painters palette, it's best to remove excess color with a putty knife and rub it with a cloth or paper towel. If the paint has dried, clean the windows by soaking the paint palette tray or fabric softener for about five minutes before wiping it down. To remove excess residue, apply a light coat of solvent and allow it to sit for five minutes before wiping it clean with a paper towel. Repeat these two steps if necessary. It is essential to clean the palette as soon as the painting session is finished because acrylic paints dry quickly, and the less time the color has to dry, the easier it will be to clean.
Acrylic paints are non-messy and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. To keep your brushes moist while you paint:

  1. Store your less-used brushes in water or wrap them in plastic wrap. If you're using an oil paint palette, it's best to clean it immediately after use so the color doesn't dry out and cause a mess later.
  2. Remove excess oil paint and discard or save for next time.
  3. Clean the pallet with a lint-free cloth and some solvent.
  4. Oil your palette to make sure it doesn't dry out.
  5. Place your palette in a safe place where it can dry completely.
Don't settle for a subpar artist paint palette solution. Instead, order this pack of 8 with 11 slots today and elevate your painting experience to the next level!

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