Belle Disney Princess Drawing For Beginners: In Just 8 Steps

Creating a beautiful piece of Disney Princess art can be an incredibly rewarding experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk through the steps of Disney Princess Belle drawing & Painting, specifically tailored for a winter or Christmas theme. Whether you’re looking to design a princess belle dress for winter or a princess belle costume for Christmas, this guide will cover all the essentials, including tips for an easy belle drawing.

Start Disney Princess Belle Drawing:

Step 1: Sketching the Outline

Begin with a simple sketch. Lightly draw an oval shape for Belle’s face, adding guidelines to help place her features later. Sketch the outline of her hair, making sure to capture the volume and style that characterizes princess belle hair. This sketch will serve as the foundation for your Disney princess belle drawing, so take your time to get the proportions right.

belle disney princess drawing for beginners

Step 2: Detailing the Facial Features

With the basic outline in place, start refining Belle’s facial features. Her eyes, with their distinctive almond shape, should be drawn large and expressive. Sketch her nose and lips, and add a touch of detail to the ears. Remember, this is a belle drawing easy approach, so don’t stress about getting every detail perfect on the first try.

belle disney princess drawing for beginners 2

Step 3: Refining Belle’s Hair and Attire

Next, focus on detailing princess belle hair. Draw her signature hairstyle, ensuring that the hair flows naturally and has volume. For her attire, imagine a princess belle dress for winter – something elegant yet suitable for the colder weather. Add a fur-trimmed cloak over her shoulders, drawing the folds of the fabric to add realism.

belle disney princess drawing for beginners 3

Step 4: Laying Down the Base Colors

Now, it’s time to bring your drawing to life with color. Start with the hair, using acrylic paints to layer from lighter shades to darker tones, creating depth and dimension. For the princess Belle costume for Christmas, choose a festive color palette. Think rich reds and warm golds that will give Belle a cozy yet celebratory look.

belle disney princess drawing for beginners 4

Step 5: Painting the Facial Features

Using a fine brush, carefully apply the skin tone to Belle’s face, avoiding the areas where the eyes and lips will be. For a natural look, blend the edges where the skin meets the hairline and the cloak. Once the skin is dry, paint the eyes, ensuring to reflect Belle’s warm, kind demeanor. The eyebrows should be fine and well-defined, adding to the expressiveness of the face.

belle disney princess drawing for beginners 5

Step 6: Adding Details to the Dress

For her princess belle dress for winter, use a light pink shade to paint the main part of the dress. Add shadows and highlights to create the appearance of folds and movement in the fabric. This will make the dress look more dynamic and realistic.

belle disney princess drawing for beginners 6

Step 7: Final Touches and Outlining

With the paint dry, use a thin marker or a acrylic paint pen to outline Belle’s features sharply. This will define her eyes, lips, nose, and the contour of her face. Outline the princess Belle costume for Christmas as well, emphasizing the trim of the cloak and the edges of the dress.

Step 8: Completing Your Masterpiece

For the final step, step back and look at your work as a whole. Add any final details or touch-ups that might be needed. Maybe a bit more shading on the dress, an extra highlight in the hair, and a bird on her hand. Once you're satisfied, sign your work and let it dry completely.

belle disney princess drawing

By following these steps, you should now have a lovely Disney princess belle drawing that captures the magic and charm of this beloved character. Remember, whether it’s Princess Belle costume for Christmas or a simple sketch, the most important thing is the joy you find in the process of creation. Every time you draw, you hone your skills, and with each Disney princess drawing, your unique style will shine through more and more. Keep practicing, and let your Disney princess art be a source of pride and happiness.


Creating a stunning rendition of Disney Princess Belle is a delightful challenge for any artist, whether crafting a seasonal piece or developing your skills. Here are some frequently asked questions that will guide you through the nuances of creating a drawing and painting of Princess Belle, especially with a winter or Christmas theme in mind.

1. What’s the best way to capture Belle’s likeness in a drawing?

  • Study her character design from various sources, noting her facial features, hair, and typical expressions. Starting with a pencil sketch helps refine the details gradually.

2. Can beginners attempt a Disney Princess Belle drawing?

  • Yes, beginners can start with simpler lines and shapes, focusing on proportion and basic features. Belle drawing easy tutorials can be particularly helpful.

3. How long does it usually take to complete a Disney Princess art piece?

  • The time can vary widely depending on the level of detail and the artist's skill level. A simple sketch might take a few hours, while a detailed painting could take several days.

4. What colors should I use for Belle’s winter dress?

  • Traditional winter colors include deep reds, greens, and blues. However, for Belle, a deep red with white fur trim could be perfect for a princess belle dress for a winter theme.

5. Is it necessary to use a fixative on a pencil drawing before painting?

  • It's not mandatory, but it can prevent smudging. If you're using a medium like acrylics, you can paint directly over the pencil.

6. How can I make my Disney Princess Belle drawing stand out?

  • Focus on unique details, like adding a winter touch to her clothing or altering her expression. Personalizing the background can also give your artwork a unique flair.

7. What’s the best technique for painting Belle’s hair?

  • Layering colors from light to dark can give depth to her hair. For a princess Belle hair style, focus on the flow and curls characteristic of her look.

8. Are there any tricks to painting the folds in Belle’s dress?

  • Use a light source to guide where the highlights and shadows should fall, which will help create the illusion of folds in the fabric.

9. Can I modify the "Princess Belle costume for Christmas" to suit other seasons?

  • Absolutely! While a fur-trimmed cloak suits winter, lighter fabrics, and colors can adapt the costume for spring or summer themes.

10. How do I choose the right background for my Belle drawing?

  • Consider the theme; a winter scene might include falling snow or a cozy fireplace. For a Christmas theme, a backdrop with festive decorations can complement the princess Belle costume for Christmas.

11. What should I do if I'm not satisfied with my drawing?

  • Don't be too critical of your work. Take a break and come back with fresh eyes, or practice specific aspects you're struggling with before attempting the full drawing again.