Acrylic Paint Pens: FAQs and General Knowledge

What Are Acrylic Paint Markers?

Acrylic paint markers are oil and water based pigmented paint pens used for rock painting, canvas painting, stone painting, and other traditional canvases. These paint markers work on all kinds of surfaces from rough to smooth, soft to hard, flat to patterned. They come in different nibs of sizes from bold, semi bold, fine, extra fine tips, etc.

Whether it's a drawing competition or a family occasion, they keep the imaginations and creativity colorful.

What Are Acrylic Paint Pens Used For?

Acrylic paint pens are widely used for canvas painting, texturing, illustrations, modeling, and designing artworks. They work on many surfaces like rocks, wood, canvas, cardboard, paper, drawing pads, stones, nails, porcelain, shoes, ceramic, plastic and metals, etc.


What Are The Best Acrylic Paint Pens?

Answering what are the best paint pens can be a bit tricky cause there are a lot of paint pens brands having top-notch competitive paint markers. But if you're a beginner try drawlish paint pens, they are water based paint markers having ASTM D-4236 Certificate which means they are non toxic user-friendly paint markers and are useable for all ages from kindergarten students to their grandparents.




Where To Buy Acrylic Paint Markers?

Choosing the best acrylic paint markers set can be critical. In fact, most of the beginners artists don't even know their requirements with paint pens. Some require fine tip paint pens while others need bolded nib for stroking. If you're seeking the best acrylic paint markers, check out the Drawlish paint markers. They are fine tip water-based paint pens that would be best for all your painting needs.


Are Acrylic Paint Pens Waterproof or Washable?

General speaking, almost acrylic paint pens are waterproof but they may fade out after washing or evaporate due to sunburn. If you're very conscious regarding your artworks and take care to let them for the long run, you must have to invest in your paint markers.


Are Acrylic Paint Markers Permanent?

It's a very tricky question. I'd say, not on all surfaces. If you're painting on a marble glass or other shiny objects you may need to warm it for a couple of minutes to let the acrylic paint permanent on it.


Water Based Acrylic Paint Pens vs Oil Based Paint Pens

The main differences between water based paint pens and oil based paint pens are, the oil based paint pen's ink is a bit viscous but dries immediately. They are very glossy and good for hard smooth surfaces. While on the other hand water based acrylic paint pens, they are very thick, juicy paint markers, and take time to dry. Most of the artists prefer water based paint markers other than oil based due to their no toxic paint and shiny energetic colors.


Acrylic Paint Markers Black And White

If you are a sketcher, dark painter, or do detailing textures you might think what are the best black and white acrylic paint pens for my illustrations. Drawlish presents its rich black and white paint pens having nylon extra fine tip, lightweight, ASTM D-4236 certified non toxic, best quality black and white acrylic paint markers. I say "these paint pens are all that you need for your illustrations or deep textures painting".


How To Store Acrylic Paint Pen?

There are two scenarios, either you're keeping it to use again after some time or storing it let's say, all day or night. If you want to use it after some time, keep it vertically with the nib on the bottom. This helps to let the paint move towards the nib and the paint marker is always ready to use anytime. But if you're storing it to paint tomorrow or later that day, keep it horizontally. This helps the mixing of paint to keep the viscosity constants and prevents the leakage of paint or overflowing while painting. As we all know a couple of strokes or shakes are required to stimulate the paint pens before use.


Can You Refill Acrylic Paint Pens

Not all acrylic paint markers can be refilled. Some can be while others do not, but many peoples use tricks and hacks and customly refill them. You can easily do it by refilling it from the tube or jar of acrylic paint. This process should be quickly taken or the paint can be dry or the inner side of your paint marker can be drained.

At first, you need to remove the stopper which is at the backside of the acrylic paint marker. Don't pull out the cartridge of the paint pen just use an injection, straw, or pipe. Fill up the injection from the acrylic paint and insert it directly into the cartridge of the acrylic paint marker. Once it's full, replace the stopper and shake it firmly and test if the process succeeds.


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