Acrylic Paint Pens on Canvas: A Guide

painting with acrylics

In a world of creativity, artistic magic, having great art materials or painting set is the most satisfying thing to have for professionals. People who do painting are way different than people who compose imaginations. As it is Drawlish art supply store has also launched premium quality Acrylic paints pens for special painting artists that are way best acrylic markers in the market and  best selling paint pens product in the UK as well. If you're a beginner then I'd recommend you to try it once, I believe you'll definitely like it.




Acrylic Painting

 Techniques Of Using Acrylic Paint Pen Markers

To start painting with acrylics, firstly we need to have a canvas. Which can be glass, wood, stone, plastic, etc what ever you'd like. You can even decorate it as well, like decorating its edges with washi tape, colorful ribbons, etc. Right after that how you gonna start painting with acrylics markers is making sure that the cap of marker is on, and then swing it over your target pretty well for more immeasurable painting results. And then you have to make sure that you are pressing the top of the paint marker with the chip of paper smooth continuously unless you start to see the paint flowing from the point of the pen. The nib of the Acrylic Paint marker before being used will be all white, so you see the colour of paint start appearing through, and then you can start applying.

how to use acrylic paint pens


If you noticed that the acrylic paint colour isn't coming very well out or its working roughly, so you just have to start pushing the tip of the acrylic marker against the canvas until it starts flowing colour paint. But you absolutely don't have to do it really often or you'll lose your acrylic paint very soon. If you squeeze the tip of the paint pen and it flows a lot of acrylic paint on canvas then you can simply use a piece of paper to soak it up and remain your drawing class.

After designing the background you can simply choose any other colour of acrylic paint marker and draw over layer onto the background to make a pleasant gradient look. what you frequently do is paint with an acrylic pen and soak extra flows of paint with chips of paper.


Acrylic Paint Pen Painting

After successfully creating a great eye catchy background you can go onto your next layer and draw other objects as you can formulate flowers, cartoons, or write beautiful quotes on canvas with other colour of paint pens. If you want to take the border tape off, so you can because if you do, the acrylic paint won't spread under the tape and ruin the look. Do painting with acrylics carefully with soaking extra paint on canvas and design beautiful scenes of imagination with acrylic paint pens on different types of Surfaces


Some people think that Woody canvas or paint pens for wood are different or it can ruin the nib of marker when we write over it, but that's not true. You may get amazed by listening to this fact, that Fine tip paint pens are surpassing all around covers and artworks, which can be wood, glass, plastic as well as metals too. Such pens are really good on various surfaces including woods and rocks.


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