Acrylic Paint Pens on Canvas: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hobby of painting has never been old. In fact, there are many tricks and techniques that you can implement while painting that can improve your creativity.
In this blog, I'm going to show you how to paint on canvas like Glass, Mugs, Wood, Nails, Fabric using best acrylic paint markers. So stick to this blog and let's get started.

How To Use Acrylic Paint Pens On Canvas

First of all, I want to clear a doubt "can you use acrylic paint pens on canvas?" The answer is quite simple. DEFINITELY! Usually, paint pens are made up of nylon fine tips which can be used on any canvas from big to small, rough to smooth.

Each acrylic paint marker is made up of different nibs, pigment, & paint. It's difficult to say it'll work differently than others but once you'll get a strong grip, you'll be painting like a professional but in the end, you'll enjoy painting no matter which paints markers you use. These paint markers come with glossy finish paint that works perfectly on canvas no matter if canvas soaks the paint & dries quickly due to its water based pigment. 

The canvas absorbs the ink and makes the painting shiny & sometimes if the surface is metallic, you don't even need to add further strokes after this first one. It works well!. In fact, if you're a beginner or practicing painting, get yourself a water based acrylic paint pens set. They are most beneficial if you want to develop your experiences in the arts. 


How To Use Acrylic Paint Pens On Glass

Painting on glasses or mirrors can be tricky for kids under the age of 10, But it's a joy doing it. Painting on glass can be divided into 3 steps:


Pick a glass that you what to paint. Clean it gently that it's purified with dust and water.


Pick up a couple of paint pens through which you want to paint on glass. Paint on the surface of the glass with minimum layers & let it dry for a day.


Once it's dried out, it's not permanent and can be removed by washing. If you wish to make your artwork permanent, place the glass inside of an oven and bake it at 180C for around 60 minutes. Once 60 minutes is completed take out the glass now the paint over it is permanent & can be washed. 

Can You Use Acrylic Paint Pens On Mugs?

Using acrylic paint pens on mugs can be done as we did with glass. First, you've to clean it from dust, them paint on it, and at last, bake it at 180C for an hour to make it permanent.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint Pens On Nails?

The short answer is maybe! Acrylic paint pens come in different modules of pigments of paint. Some are water based while others are oil based. Some are toxic while others are non toxic. Using toxic paint pens can fade off the shining of your nails while the use of water based non toxic paint pens will work perfectly.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint Pens On Wood?

Since the wood soaks the paint too much, it's very delicate to choose the best acrylic paint markers for wood. The paint pens having water based paint which is thick & highly pigmented works best for rough and soaky surfaces like wood. To get the best results, before painting makes sure you clean the wood with a tissue. 

Can You use Paint Pens On Fabric?

The paint pens are designed to work on all kinds of surfaces. In fact, the best acrylic paint markers are permanent on most surfaces. Use fabric, glass, wood, stone, porcelain, cardboard, paper, or even mirror, water based paint pens will outwork every time.

If you want to learn more about acrylic paint pens, you can visit our blogs. We usually write about acrylic paint pens.

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