11 Amazing Pumpkin Painting Ideas: Find Creative Inspiration!

Autumn is here, and that means it’s time to embrace all things cozy, colorful, and pumpkin-spiced! While carving pumpkins is a classic tradition, why not take your fall decor to the next level with pumpkin painting? Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a beginner, these creative ideas will inspire you to transform ordinary pumpkins into extraordinary works of art. Grab Drawlish acrylic paint and brushes, gather your pumpkins, and let’s dive into these 17 amazing pumpkin painting ideas!

1. Frankenstein Pumpkin

If you’re looking for a simple and creative way to decorate your pumpkins this Halloween, why not try this Frankenstein pumpkin painting idea? It’s more fun than frightening and makes the perfect Halloween craft for kids! All you need are some green and black paint, a paintbrush, a sponge and some googly eyes.

2. Olaf Painted Pumpkin

Do you love Olaf, the adorable snowman from Frozen? Do you want to make him out of pumpkins for Halloween? Then you should try this easy and fun project that will make your porch or yard look magical. 

3. Vampire Pumpkin 

Why not try making a cute vampire painted pumpkin? All you need is some purple paint, black and red craft foam, scissors, glue, and a printable template. You can transform a plain styrofoam mini pumpkin into a charming purple-faced vampire with a black cape and red collar. This is a great craft project for kids and adults alike. Plus, you don’t have to worry about carving or rotting pumpkins!

4. Ghastly Ghosts

Capture the ethereal beauty of ghosts. Use soft brushstrokes to create misty, translucent figures. These pumpkins will make you wonder if they’re haunted.

5. Trick or Treat

A pristine white pumpkin adorned with the classic “Trick or Treat” message. This charming pumpkin welcomes trick-or-treaters with open arms. Its simplicity and elegance make it a standout piece for your Halloween decor.

6. Jack Skellington

Do you love The Nightmare Before Christmas? Do you want to bring some of its spooky and festive spirit to your home? Then you should try making a Jack Skellington pumpkins as Christmas tree! They are easy, fun and creative projects that you can do with your family or friends.

7. Forever My Boo

Celebrate love and friendship with this sweet pumpkin. It’s perfect for couples, best friends, or anyone who wants to spread some Halloween cheer. An orange pumpkin with the endearing phrase “Forever My Boo” written on it.

8. Monsters University

If you prefer painting over carving, you can still make some awesome Monster University pumpkins with some paint and brushes. You can paint your pumpkins to look like Mike Wazowski, Sulley, or any other monster you like. 

9. Boo Letter Pumpkin

Paint your pumpkins in a color that contrasts with the lettering. You can use drawlish acrylic paint or spray paint. Let them dry completely. Use a different color for each letter or keep them uniform. Allow them to dry. Finally, Display your boo letter pumpkins on your porch, mantel or anywhere you like!

10. Crazy Minion Pumpkins

To make minion pumpkins, you can either paint, carve, or use soda cans and paper. For painting, you need to spray paint the pumpkin yellow and then add the eyes, mouth, hair, and overalls with acrylic paint or paint markers. For carving, you need to print out a template and cut out the pieces with a knife or a saw. For using soda cans and paper, you need to cut the top and bottom of a can and wrap it around the stem to make the goggles, and then glue paper overalls and accessories to the pumpkin.

11. The Grinch

If you’re feeling a little grumpy this Halloween, why not make a grinch pumpkin to show it? You can paint or carve your pumpkin to look like the green, grouchy character from Dr. Seuss’s classic story. Whether you want to steal Christmas or just scare away the trick-or-treaters, a grinch pumpkin is sure to make a statement. Just don’t forget to add his signature smirk and his heart that’s two sizes too small.


Here's a killer combo, these cute pumpkins and friendly ghosts brought to life with the magic of acrylic paint. Use drawlish acrylic paint set for those vivid backgrounds that scream Halloween vibes. Now, for the fine details that make your artwork pop, grab some drawlish paint pens, they're game-changers for neat lines and intricate designs.

It's like a dynamic duo for your creative adventure. Start with acrylics for the broad strokes, set the stage, and then let those paint pens work their magic for the finishing touches. Trust me, these two are your must-have buddies for spooktacular results!

Q: What paints to use on pumpkins?
A: The best paint to use on pumpkins is Drawlish acrylic paint. It is thick, shiny and durable. You can also use Drawlish acrylic marker pens to add details and outlines to your pumpkins. They are easy to use and come in many colors.

Q: Will paint stay on a pumpkin?
A: Absolutely! Paint adheres well to pumpkins, especially if you prep the surface properly. The key is to clean and dry the pumpkin before painting.

Q: How do you get acrylic paint to stick to a pumpkin?
A: To ensure good adhesion, clean the pumpkin surface with mild soap and water. Dry it thoroughly, then consider applying a thin layer of primer or gesso before using acrylic paint. This helps the paint adhere better and last longer.

Q: How do you seal pumpkins after painting?
A: Seal your painted pumpkin with a clear acrylic sealer spray or brush-on sealer. This protective coat helps preserve the colors and shields the paint from environmental elements.

Q: Do you need to prime a pumpkin before painting it?
A: While not mandatory, priming with a thin layer of primer or gesso can enhance paint adhesion and longevity. It provides a smoother surface for the paint to adhere to.

Q: Will acrylic paint wash off a pumpkin?
A: Once acrylic paint dries, it typically adheres well to pumpkins and won't wash off easily. However, avoid exposing painted pumpkins to excessive moisture to maintain the integrity of the artwork.

Q: Why is my paint not sticking to my pumpkin?
A: Poor adhesion may result from a dirty or moist surface. Ensure the pumpkin is clean, dry, and free from any oils or residues before painting. Consider using a primer for better adhesion.

Q: How do you waterproof painted pumpkins?
A: To waterproof painted pumpkins, use a clear acrylic sealer. Apply a thin, even coat over the painted surface, allowing it to dry completely. This protective layer helps repel water and preserves the paint job.

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