What Are Acrylic Paint Pens | Explained In 150 Characters

What Are Acrylic Paint Pens?

Acrylic Paint pens are water-based painting tools that work on all surfaces like cardboard, clothes, wood, plastic, leather, ceramic, stones, rocks, and what else? Paint pens come in two different mediums “Water Based” and ”Oil Based”.

They are widely used in European and Asian countries for big to small canvas painting. They come in many different sizes of nibs which matter when it comes to rough and smooth portrait painting.

Most of the high-quality Paint pens are odorless as well as non toxic and eco-friendly for all ages of artists. They are waterproof and permanent on almost all surfaces and don’t leak or fade out.

If you want to make your painting permanent on canvases like marble, glass, and other shiny objects, you need to bake them in the oven at specific heat for a specific time.

I hope everything is completely cleared regarding acrylic paint pens, but if you want to learn in depth, do check out this article

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