What Does Art Mean to You? Artists Reveal All

Art has been a part of human culture since time immemorial, expressing emotions, ideas, and perspectives in ways that words alone cannot. But what does art truly mean to the individuals who create it? In this exploration, we delve into the hearts and minds of artists from various backgrounds and disciplines to uncover their personal connections to art.

"It is the opportunity to show the world with my eyes… especially the world of animals. I consider myself as an animal artist. 
And I see a huge personality in each of our furry and feathered friends, which they don’t hide! My art style is mostly figurative and realistic with high focus on eyes, feather and fur color and texture of each specific animal. My goal is to capture their character and mood by showing a posture and eyes’ expression, details which make them unique." — @happycherryart

"I’m just self-taught, amateur artist but art is my life now, even though I work 72 hours in a week I still find time to draw, for me art is boundless freedom, peace of mind and endless joy" — @_salomesart_

"Art is the way of disconnecting from daily reality, getting lost into colors’s flow and letting magic operating to connect with people from all around the world." — @natachaalhadeff

"Art means everything to me. It means a refuge from reality and a way back to it at the same time. And it means having the ability to see the beauty in everything." — @ahuviart

"To me art is my therapist, when im at school i always make sure to have paper and a pencil so that when im stressed out i can sketch sometimes objects or people like friends or teachers. Art is all i ever make, so im pretty emotional like all the time." — @cami111707

"For me, art is like breathing.... I need her to live. It makes me travel in a world of my own where there's no one else. Makes me myself" — @yourfavbilliestan_

"Art is one of the only ways I can truly connect with my Aunt Sally Lucas. She passed away before I was born because of cancer. I love art and wish I could have gotten to know her. She was an artist and would sell her art at auctions and became famous for it." — @k1ss3sss

"Art means my world and what is beautiful in my eyes, what truly sticks out and everything I find enchanting in life art isn’t just drawing or painting but a combination of people, photos, and much more , it is and will always be the biggest part of my life." — @daughtr0fchr1st

"To me art is something that takes me to another beautiful world it catches my eyes makes me calm. It is a chance to talk with myself calmly. It makes me feel myself." — @chokkarapujayalaxmi

"To me art is a reflection of the deepest things dragged from our soul. it can bring us together if used correctly, that being said there is no wrong or right answer to art and all art is good. Art can also be a reflection on the time that it was created. Art is beautiful because it can be created in the darkest and in the best times of our lives. You don't just see art, you live it and breathe it. Anyone can create art but not every peice of art has meaning." — @artist069

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