Drawlish HB Pencil Set of 26 Best Drawing Pencils for Sketching, & Shading

Drawlish SKU: HB-Pencils-Pack-14
HB set of pencils

Drawlish HB Pencil Set of 26 Best Drawing Pencils for Sketching, & Shading

Drawlish SKU: HB-Pencils-Pack-14
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Drawlish HB Pencil Set of 26 Best Drawing Pencils for Sketching, & Shading

Drawlish HB Pencil Set of 26 is an excellent sketching tool that offers a unique and distinct experience compared to other writing instruments. The HB meaning designation for the lead pencil hardness scale sits in the middle of the grading scales and is perfect for a wide range of tasks, from writing and drawing to shading and sketching. With their standard hexagonal barrels and quality HB lead, HB best pencil for drawing is a versatile choice for any classroom, home, or pencil case. In addition, these pencils for sketching come in bulk boxes that are cost-effective and inexpensive, making them an excellent choice for students and educators alike.

What Type of Pencil Sketching Set is the Best for Drawing?

We recommend a Drawlish Set of pencils! One of the main qualities of HB drawing pencils is their versatility. Sketching pencils are a popular choice for artists, kids, students, and professionals because they can be used as writing pencils and school pencils. In addition, because the lead pencils are neither hard nor soft, drawing sketching can be done smoothly and evenly without smudging or smearing.

Another essential quality of HB sketch pencils is their durability. The highest quality pencils are made from soft poplar wood and graphite lead that are built to last, so they won't break or wear out quickly. This is particularly important for artists needing reliable, professional drawing tools that can withstand long periods of heavy use. These craft pencils are incredibly durable and break resistant. Very easy to erase and sharpen.

Using arts pencils is very comfortable. Drawing with graphite pencils has a relaxed, natural writing or drawing position made possible by their comfortable grip, which lessens hand discomfort and fatigue. In addition, the sketch pencil evenly distributed weight makes it simple to control and maneuver, which is crucial for precise work. 

Drawlish Versatile HB Shading Pencils Uses:

  • Writing: The best handwriting pencil is perfect for everyday tasks like taking notes, making to-do lists, or writing letters. This pencil set for drawing is non-toxic, latex-free, and has a natural wood scent for enhanced writing enjoyment.
  • Sketching: With their balanced HB lead pencil grades and hardness, HB pencils for drawing are excellent for sketching. 
  • Shading: The hard scale of the lead in the HB pencil set for drawing makes them ideal for shading and creating shadows or degrees of light and dark in a portrait. HB art pencil set is excellent for still-life drawings.
  • Outlining: HB box pencils can outline or create initial sketches for more detailed works of art, such as paintings or digital illustrations. 
  • Calligraphy: Grading pencils can create beautiful calligraphy lettering as a base for other inks or markers.
  • Doodling: These artistic pencils are perfect for doodling and creating simple designs or patterns, making them excellent sketch tools for relieving stress and promoting relaxation.
  • Crosshatching: With their medium hardness, graded pencils are excellent for crosshatching techniques, which involve layering lines to create different tones and textures.
  • Technical Drawings: HB branding pencil is also used in technical drawing, architecture, and engineering, such as blueprints or schematics.

Overall, Drawlish professional pencils are an incredibly versatile and helpful tool that can be used for various projects, from practical writing tasks to artistic pursuits.

Easy Drawing Ideas of What to Draw with HB Artists Pencils?

If you're new to drawing or looking for fresh inspiration, using HB designing pencils can be a great place to start. If you're wondering what to draw with HB sketching pencil drawing sets, there are plenty of options.

Easy pencil drawing on how to draw a face step by step for beginners?

  1. Start by drawing a circle for the head with Drawlish's best sketching pencil.
  2. Draw a line down the circle's center and another across the middle with the best pencil for writers. These lines will help you place the facial features.
  3. Draw two ovals for the eyes between the horizontal line and the bottom of the circle.
  4. Sketch a small triangular shape for the nose in the center of the face, just below the horizontal line.
  5. Draw a straight line for the mouth below the nose with a graphite pencil set.
  6. Sketch the ears on either side of the head, starting from the top of the eyes and ending at the bottom of the nose.
  7. Add hair to the top of the head and any other details you want to include.
  8. Shade the face to create dimension and depth, using lighter shading for the highlights and darker shading for the shadows.

Start with light sketches and simple shapes, and with practice, you can create detailed and realistic faces with drawing pencils for kids - a valuable gift for any special occasion. So get your personalized pencils for children today!

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