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Professional Sketching Pencils Set | Best Graphite Pencils For Drawing | B 2B 4B 6B 8B HB 2H 4H Grades

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SKU Sketching-Pencils-Set-08
  • Best Graphite Pencils
  • 8 Graded Pencils
  • Grading, Shading, Blending, Illustrating
  • Soft Lead Hexagonal Shaped
  • Non Toxic & Child Friendly
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Professional Sketching Pencils Set

Drawlish Set Of 8 Professional Sketching Pencils Set: The variety of best graphite pencils for sketching in a single pack. This drawing pencil set consists of 8 vibrant pre-sharpened sketching pencils of grades B, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B, HB, 2H, and 4H. Each pencil is sharpened and performs well for sketching arts.

Features Graphite Pencils For Drawing:

    ⭐ Degrees & Graded Pencils: Complete coverage of 8 softness to hardness & dark to lighter B 2B 4B 6B 8B 2H 4H HB pencils for drawing, resistant to fade, smooth texture
    ⭐ Wholesum Package: This 8 professional drawing pencils set has durable, rich touch & quality basswood Black 7 inches best graphite pencils, dip shape head for ease. Professional & beginners artist set
    ⭐ Persistence & Durability: Each pencil consist of strong leads, which are hard and don't break up during a session but blend smoothly. Draws lines perfectly and shades are quite charming. This sketching pencil set can be sharped with general sharpeners easily and transform their nib as they have never been used before.
    ⭐ All In One Kit: Grading, shading, blending, crafting, illustrating, texturing as well as doodling, hatching, and writing these best drawing pencil sets are perfectly manufactured for all kinds of details purposes. Whether you need to draw on paper, cardboard, sketchbook, or pads, these drawing pencils are designed on every kind of plain canvases.
    ⭐ Non-Toxic & Child Friendly: These sketching pencils are nontoxic and certified with ASTM D-4236. This drawing pencils set is reliable for every age of artists cause their leads are made up of Graphite and their exteriors are also made up of harmless Soft Basswood.
    ⭐ Easy To Draw & Lightweight: Due to their packaging, this professional sketching pencil set can easily be put into your handbag, and school bags for your children covering less area. Just bring it anywhere where you use to sketch your portraits.
    ⭐ Perfect Gifts For Occasions: Whether your child or cousin is an artist, kindergarten or high school student, beginner, or professional, Drawlish professional drawing pencils set will be perfect for them. Let them think creatively!
    ⭐ Reliable For All Ages: Adults, kids, and artist pencil set with the richness of touch on the barrel, sturdy lead, easy to hold, complete coverage of degrees, lightweight, easy on sharpening, or what else?
    ⭐ Ergonomic Design: Non slips 6.9mm barrel, hexagonal design, easy to grip. Hold firmly even with a sweaty palm. Won't roll off the desk due to its hexagonal shape.


    • Set: 8 best graphite pencils for drawing
    • Colour: Black
    • Material: Soft Basswood & Graphite
    • Length: 7 inches
    • Shape: Hexagonal
    • Pencil Head: Dip shape head
    • Grades: 2H 4H HB B 4B 6B 8B 2B pencil

    Drawlish is a UK brand. We have a mission to assist in establishing a society that understands, preserves, appreciates, and encourages art & culture. We’ve started with quality products for arts & supplies and art starter pack kits.

    With this best graphite pencil for sketching, fine detailing, blending, outlining, the artist's hand can reflect his/her creativity. However, the drawing pencil is required to produce softness or hardness, light or dark sketches whenever required. Drawlish resolves these concerns. Our best drawing pencil set for artists, kids & adults alike, cover a complete range to create tones, shades, lines, and smudge factors in sketchbook or paper. A versatile for fine detail, designing, sketching, portraiture, writing, blending, etc. Use desired depth, dimensions & degrees with our complete set of 8 artists pencils. A great gift idea to keep children and teenagers busy in expressing themselves. You are always welcome to get in touch and experience our friendly & professional customer support with your questions and feedback.


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