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acrylic pens for rock painting
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acrylic pens for rock painting-acrylic paint pens fine tip
acrylic paint pens fine tip
acrylic pens for rock painting

Drawlish Set of 12 Acrylic Paint Pens 0.7mm Extra Fine Point Water Based Markers for Glass, Ceramic, Fabric, Porcelain, Wood, Canvas, Rock Painting and DIY Mug Design

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  • Precision Fine Tip: Our Drawlish water based acrylic paint pens’ 0.7mm ultra fine tip allows accurate lining and sketching for masterpiece artwork Canvas
  • Quick Dry acrylic Paint Markers pens: Each acrylic marker filled with acrylic water-based paint that is fast drying, resistant to water, and permanent on most surfaces

  • Suitable for All Surfaces: From plastic to rocks: our acrylic paint pens set runs smoothly on any surface that exists such as ceramic, fabric, cardboard, porcelain, stone, glass, metal, pottery, terra-cotta, polymer clay, wooden surface, and what not?
  • Kids Safe Colours: Professional quality Drawlish fine point acrylic paint pens have an ASTM D-4236 certificate. Unlike an oil-based paint pen, it is odorless and does not leak or fade. Absolutely our best acrylic markers are safe for kids and eco-friendly as well


Products Details

Material: Water based Acrylic paint, Plastic 

Markers in Each Set: 12 acrylic paint pens set with 12 different acrylic colours

Dimensions of Pen:

  • Width of Pen: 1.1 cm

  • Length of Pin: 13.2cm

Dimensions of Box: 13.7*6.9*2.3 cm extra fine tip acrylic paint pens

Width of tip: 3mm

Writing Width of the Tip: 0.7mm