4 Black And White Acrylic Paint Pens Pack | 2 White Acrylic Paint Pens And 2 Black Acrylic Paint Pens Fine Tip

4 Black And White Acrylic Paint Pens Pack | 2 White Acrylic Paint Pens And 2 Black Acrylic Paint Pens Fine Tip

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Drawlish stationery store UK offers 4 fine point paint markers having 2 white acrylic paint pens and 2 black paint pen for metal fabric, stone, etc. For shading, outlining, overlaying, sketching, etc. These black acrylic paint pens fine tip work flawlessly and our white paint pen is unique for overlaying + decoloring for cool naturalistic painting. Drawlish stationery store white and black paint pen for metal and other smooth canvases have a Japanese Nylon Tip of 0.7mm with Italian acrylic paint which is handy for detailed and outline work. Ideal for every age group use.


PACKET INCLUDES: 4 black and white acrylic paint pens fine tip

COLOURS: 2 white paint pen and 2 black paint pens

PAINT MARKERS SET: Italian fine point paint markers

PEN TIP MATERIAL: Japanese Nylon Tip

POINT TYPE: 0.7mm Fine Point

MARKER DIMENSIONS: 4.6 x 1.2 x 13.7 cm


  • black paint pen for metal having rich and bright splashing colours charm on smooth shiny surfaces accompanying opaque white paint pen for fabric and tons of different canvases
  • A constant and smooth flow of Acrylic paint ink on almost every smooth surfaces
  • Easy to paint with its user-friendly grip
  • Well designed for kids and adults


  • Shake well every individual paint pen no matter how many times you reuse it.
  • Make sure the tip is cleaned for better canvas painting.
  • Test the paint flow of nib on a separate chip of paper to get more loyal paint flowing + check paint flow balance.
  • Recap every individual fine point paint markers after every use to prevent the ink from drying.


  • SURFACE FRIENDLY: Drawlish stationery store quick-dry and long-lasting black acrylic paint pens fine tip and white paint pen for fabric run smoothly on many surfaces. Best used on different types of fabrics ceramics, stone, boards, wood, metal, glass, window, etc
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Using our white paint pen and black paint pen containing Italian best acrylic paint and Japanese nylon fine tip, express yourself completely and show the world your artistic view (semi permanent marker pens)
  • FINE LINING: Have you ever wanted to give exactness to your idea for detailed and outline work? Now with our 0.7mm thin nibbed fine point paint markers give attention to details with perfection and create your dream miniatures.
  • CREATIVE PARTNER: Your creativity partner is here! With its nice, gentle, and steady flow of acrylic paint, these black and white acrylic paint pens are ideal for young and professional artists to work on different DIY projects, art and craft, designing, painting, calligraphy-like writing, and what else?
  • AN IDEAL GIFT DECORATOR: Drawlish stationery store brings an ideal gift for any occasion and all ages; whether it’s a seasonal holiday, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, birthday, ceremony, graduation, promotion, or even a goodbye gift, this is the perfect memory to give your loved ones. In this situation, our white paint pen and black paint pens can help you to deliver a pleasant art craft.
  • COVERAGE OPACITY: Our white acrylic paint pens have a deep, rich, and solid acrylic paint color. You don’t have to go over lines multiple times. You can use the black acrylic paint pens to outline or to add a drop shadow, while the white acrylic paint pens fine tip is translucent enough to leave a subtle highlight, or you can go over the line again to make a bolder statement. You will love the finish of these black and white acrylic paint pens they dry with a shine and feel slightly raised.


Unlike other traditional paintbrushes, the Drawlish stationery store odorless paint, and fine point paint markers allow a lot of control. Now complete drawings on alternative materials easily without a brush.

You do not have to worry about the nib fraying like felt paint pens. The color flows smoothly and smoothly as long as too much pressure isn’t applied.


For Budding Artists

Now work on fun projects, no matter if you use a white paint pen or black paint pens for metal or other smooth shiny surfaces kids in ornamenting different surfaces with designs, doodles, or write your favorite quotes. Engage your kids in creative sessions with our leak-proof black and white acrylic paint pens. You can even use it yourself to create personalized gifts for friends and family.