Buying Acrylic Paint Pens: 4 Must-Knows

which paint pens should you buy


Which Acrylic Paint Pens Are Best To Buy


Buying acrylic paint pens when you're a beginner can seem newly commence because there are so many different brands, colours, and variations to choose from. But don't worry, drawlish art supply store will help you navigate that maze and find the best acrylic paint pens that match your needs and your budget. So let's get started!


When shopping for Acrylic Paint Markers or any Acrylic Painting Stuff you need to make sure that the following factors are reasonable defined and purely flexible

  • quality
  • colour
  • tube or jar
  • subtypes



You can buy acrylic paint pen markers in two grades: artist's quality and student's quality. Artists' quality acrylic paint pens (sometimes referred to as "professional paint markers") come in a wide range of colours, have a high concentration of finely ground pigment, and boost high permanence ratings. While, Student's colours are cheaper but the trade off is a smaller selection, lower pigment levels and the possible inclusion of fillers which may weaken the colour strength. The difference between the two isn't just how they're made, often it's noticeable that the artist's colours are more vibrant and have a smoother consistency that makes them easier to blend and layer.




If you're a beginner and on a minimum budget, then it's fine to start off with student's quality acrylic markers, but I'd extremely recommend you to go with artist's colours when you can really afford them. Once you get started producing artwork that you care about shielding if you aim to sell your work. Some artists also save money by using student's colours for underpainting and using professional quality paint on top, while others desire to invest in their interests




There are a dizzying number of colours available for acrylics. If you're a beginner, start off with the 10 colours acrylic paint pens set. You can mix them to create other colours as needed. It can be cheaper and flexible for new commerce




Heavy body acrylic pens are available in either tubes or jars. Here's how they differ: Tubes are small and portable but you can save money with jars by buying more acrylic paint ink at once. They also have slightly different consistencies: paint from tubes is paste like, while paint from jars is still thick but will flatten out when on the palette.



Do you enjoy Colour painting? Are you looking for the Acrylic Paint pens or Markers that matches your budget and have a great flexiblity with prominent fine tip? or other colouring stuff that can help your painting skill more efficiently?

Then I’d like to introduce you to our new product "Drawlish 10 Water Based Acrylic Paint Pens" a set of 12 Acrylic Markers having 0.7mm Extra Fine Point, 12 different colours water based paint markers for Rock painting, Ceramic, Fabric, Porcelain, Wood, Canvas, as well as Glass painting and DIY Mug Designing.


The Drawlish 12 markers set Acrylic Paint Pens offers a premium quality painting experience, that can improve your painting skill, as we choose the professional and unique painting products for creative artists like you, so our Acrylic Paint Pens can help you express your imagination with beautiful colours.


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