Why Drawlish Recommends Acrylic Paint Pens for Beginner Artists

Why should I use acrylic paint pens


Acrylic Paint Pen Markers are Far By Best Selling Paint Pens


Painting, the adventure and illustration of ideas and emotions into reality with the creations of certain tasteful and appreciative qualities in two dimensions visual language. The components of this literature like its shape, aspects lines, colours, tones, pitches, and textures are used in unusual ways to produce or compose the sensation of volume, and its strength. This is the only Skill that Artists have that creates visualizations reflecting their comprehension.



Painting, composing, sketching has never been easy nor is tough, the one who enjoys, do surpassing jobs! Well, there are multiple types of painting or landscaping, one is the easiest, useful, and valuable. That is an acrylic painting, done just by regular acrylic markers having Acrylic Paint Ink inside it. many artists love to illustrate with Acrylic Paint Pens because of their durability.


Pens and Markers


Why Peoples Choose Acrylic Paint Pen Markers Over Water Based Paint:


Acrylic paint pens are not a very high maintenance medium or tool. While you may need a bit of cost to buy it (at times expensive) but still cheaper than Oil Based Painting which needs many items to get started like:


  • Oil Paint
  • Solvent Medium
  • Brushes probably more than 1
  • Rages
  • Gesso
  • High quality absorbing Canvas or board


But for Acrylic Marker painting you need just 3 to 4 simple and cheap tools to get started immediately.


  • A surface which can be Glass, Plastic, Formica, Wood, Paper, Cardboard, like sky is the limit!
  • The Acrylic Paint Markers
  • Chips of paper (If the paint is fulled in the Pen)


And that's it!


The main reason why peoples refer to and suggest using "paint markers acrylics" is because of their ability that works fine even by taking on 3 dimensions which oil paint, watercolor, or wax-based paints can't do because of their ultra fine tip. The purpose of this strength is to be held on a surface and remain on the surface without being displaced. That's being said, if you want to start your journey as an artist then you must have to have expertise in Pen Based Painting because you can comfortably paint, draw, shade, or illustrate anywhere using paper, board, or canvas, or anything you see in front of you ( FUN FACT: Not Everything) but if you can get a genuine Canvas book at least, then it can return you the most solid results.


One more fact why Artists like to paint with Acrylic Paint Pens is because it dries instantly, and honestly being an artist I'd say this is the best reason to choose acrylic paint pens. Acrylic paint marker pens have come in a various variety of paint pens. Actually, they are not different from their exterior or from their surfaces, but they come with different types and sizes of nips.


If you just got started painting in 2021 then I'd highly recommend you to use acrylic marker pens because of their Durability, and Perks. You don't really need any other tool or instrument, you only need a color pen and a wide canvas or any board to get started instantly.


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