Acrylic Paint Pens: 5 Reasons Why They're so Popular

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Acrylic paint pens are also known as paint pens or paint markers are painting pens filled with different types of acrylic paint ink. Some are Oil Based, while others are Water Based paint, We use these paint pens to color different essence like cardboard, glass, porcelain, metal, as well as they are also used for wood painting. So the main question that may recently pop up in your mind might be where can I buy acrylic paint pens for rocks painting or for a different canvas. If you want to buy the best acrylic paint pens uk having fine point nib and water based acrylic ink then you can contact us. We are supplying different categories and nibs of best acrylic paint pens UK.




Whether acrylic pen painting is keeping the kids creative during school holidays with rock painting or just decorating everyday household stuff, acrylic paint markers have immense performance. In fact, some artists prefer them over traditional artist acrylic painting using a brush, which means the acrylic paint pens for rock painting are more convenient with rock, stones, as well as all the surfaces, including shiny surface painting + Painting with fine point acrylic paint pens can decorate your stuff more professionally than a brush could ever do. Why is this so? And what makes a good acrylic paint pen set? Let's dig into it.


1: Water Based Paint Pens

The term "paint marker" is usually used to refer to acrylic paint markers, which ordinally comes with oil based paint or even water based acrylic paint pens which are Permanent ink marker pens. So it’s important to know exactly what acrylic paint pens are.

Now you will have come across oil based paint pens if you’ve ever used a paint pen where you have to actively shake the pen so the ball bearing can mix the paint with the oil before use. A ball is fixed with the nib of that pen which revolves when we move it on the surface. That movement of the ball mix up itself with Acrylic paint ink.

But if you have ever used water based acrylic paint pens then you may know how it paints over any surface from soft paper to hard wood and metals. Water based acrylic pens painting based on its nib. The best acrylic paint markers have a fine point nib of at least 0.7mm fine point that works on every surface smoothly. We just have to open the cap, press the nib a little so the acrylic paint come on it, and then start painting with paint markers. According to me, it's very convenient and comfortable to paint with water based acrylic paint pens even if you are a beginner artist.


2: Versatility Of Pen

As we know good acrylic paint pens fine tip can be used on anything! Whether the surface is light or dark, rough or smooth it makes no difference. Porcelain, glass, plastic, fabric, wood, metal, rubber, or leather you refurnish it! So whether you are renewing a mug, a key ring, or a Tshirt there are cases of fun to be had in personalizing any of your own stuff.

Even though acrylic paint marker pens can be used on every surface from a small pebble to a cotton soaking T-Shirt, No matter if you use oil based, or water based acrylic paint pens for rock painting or for different canvas. However, the most common use of acrylic paint pens uk or all over the world is rock painting with fine tip acrylic pens for rock painting. In the UK, there is also a trend to colorize small pebbles or stones with pebble painting pens + acrylic paint markers for wood painting has never been old. So yeah, getting the best paint pens for rock painting stone ceramic glass wood or for your school stationery can be a good choice if you love painting.


3: Safety

Having non toxic water based paint for wood, acrylic pens are very popular amongst all ages, especially children (even though they are generally not recommended for those under the age of 3). The paint pens offer an excellent trade off between being permanent (discussed in the next section) while still being able to be washed off your hands with some soapy water. Even though these permanent glass pens are generally sold as pens to write on glass permanently UK as well.


4: Easy To Use

One of the biggest advantages of water based acrylic paint pens have over painting with a brush is that they tend to be less fiddly and messy. No cleaning of brushes and pallets is required. Just push the cap back on the pen when you are finished and that's it. Also, there is no wastage of paint as there is with traditional painting where some of the paint is often left in the pallet. While if you use the brush to paint it'll use more paint and can cause wastage of paint + You'll have to mess up with many materials with paint ink.


    These are some important tips that you must know about acrylic paints pens for canvas or rock painting. In fact, if you are a painter and don't know which acrylic paint pens are best, or searching for a set of the best acrylic paint pens uk, Drawlish Art Supply store will surely help you in this case. If you live in the UK and searching to online buy Acrylic paint pens UK so contact us. In fact, Our Professional and best fine point acrylic paint pens set have an ASTM D-4236 certificate. Unlike an oil-based paint pen, it is odorless and does not leak or fade. Absolutely our best acrylic paint markers for canvas are safe for kids and eco-friendly as well.

    Drawlish Acrylic Paint Pen Details

    Material: Water based Acrylic paint

    acrylic paint pen set: 12 multi colour acrylic paint pen

    Dimensions of Pen:

    • Width of Pen: 1.1 cm
    • Length of Pin: 13.2cm

    Dimensions of Box: 13.7*6.9*2.3 cm

    Width of tip: 3mm

    Writing Width of the Tip: 0.7mm fine tip


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