Famous Artist Acrylic Paint Set 12 Tubes + 3 Brushes

Drawlish SKU: Acrylic-Paint-Set-12
Acrylic painting set of 12 vibrant hues with a set of brushes
Drawlish set of light resistent painting tubes best for blending and layering
Vivad paints for artists for portrait painting in acrylics
12ml acrylic paint in a strong aluminium tube with leakage proof packaging
Painting with acrylic ideas with richly pigmented paints
Drawlish sets of acrylic paints perfect for gifting
acrylic waterproof paints for canvas

Famous Artist Acrylic Paint Set 12 Tubes + 3 Brushes

Drawlish SKU: Acrylic-Paint-Set-12
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Discover the Power of Our Artist's Acrylic Paint Set

Experience the 12 beautiful hues of the Drawlish professional-quality acrylic paint set, which includes paints with a high viscosity and a smooth consistency that are ideal for various surfaces. Each acrylic painter tube comes in 12ml, allowing you to color whenever and anywhere. The artist's paint tubes are easy to squeeze out the right amount of paint every time. In addition, each acrylic artists tube is labeled with the color name. Drawlish acrylic artist paints formula is highly blendable, making it easy for any creative person to work with. Cleaning your workspace with warm, soapy water after use is also effortless. This acrylic painting set has three premium paintbrushes constructed of firm synthetic bristles that distribute the paint evenly. These acrylic paint brushes are versatile and suitable for oil and water-based painting, ensuring they can be used on any canvas. The acrylic art set offers a flat, rigger, and round brush, providing various options for implementing multiple painting techniques. It works for all painting styles, including realistic, splattered, abstract, stipple, impasto, etc.

Features of Acrylic Paint Artist Famous Set:

  • Can they be used on any surface? They are a versatile medium used on various surfaces, including canvas, watercolor paper, wood, metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, fabric, leather, stone, and more. They can be used on almost everything with proper preparation, such as priming or sanding the surface to create a better adhesion for the paint. They are easy to use, clean up, dry quickly, fade-proof, and non-toxic.
  • With Drawlish's premium acrylic art paint set, you can easily create art on a range of canvases, regardless of their texture or finish, from soft to sharp, smooth to rough, and solid to glossy. Our paint set offers a variety of warm and cold, soft, and delicate pigment colors for you to choose from. Simply apply a coat of gesso and select your desired color to begin creating your masterpiece.
  • Our acrylic painting artist set comes with a money-back guarantee. So while we're confident that you'll enjoy using it for your art projects if you encounter any issues, simply inform us, and we'll quickly provide you with a refund or replacement.
  • This painting set is designed for students who are passionate about the creative field and prefer quality colors with exceptional benefits. Being student friendly, these brilliants are perfectly designed for learning to paint and mastering shading. Each tube is shaped to extract maximum precision and correction, as well as being exceptional and containing a large amount of creamy liquid that dries rapidly.

How to Use Acrylic Paint for Art?

Below are some essential guidelines that can help you use them and address several of your queries, such as do you use water with acrylic paint? Or what are acrylic paints used for?

  1. Choose & Prepare your surface: If necessary, prepare your surface by priming it with gesso or another appropriate primer. This will improve paint adhesion and give a smoother painting surface.
  2. Select your colors: You can squeeze a tiny quantity onto a palette or other mixing surface.
  3. Thin the paint (optional): If you want to create a thinner consistency, add a small amount of water or acrylic medium to your color. This can be especially useful for techniques like glazing or layering.
  4. Apply the color: Use a brush, palette knife, or another tool to apply the color to your surface. Experiment with different techniques and brush strokes to achieve the effect you want.
  5. Let it dry: It dries relatively quickly, but let each layer dry completely before adding additional layers or details.
  6. Clean up: Clean your brushes and other tools with water or an appropriate cleaning solution. If you accidentally get paint on your skin or clothing, wash it off immediately.
  7. Seal your work (optional): Once your painting is complete and dry, you can seal it with a varnish or other sealant to protect it and enhance its appearance.

These instructions offer only the basic steps for use. With more experience, you can explore various methods, tools, and surfaces to produce unique and impressive works of art. These are built to last a long time. We don't mean a week or two, but several years.

How to remove acrylic paint from clothes?

There are several ways to remove them from clothing. First, you can use warm water to dissolve and remove the color. Scrubbing the fabric with a soft nylon brush or using rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, or alcohol-based hairspray also works well. For tough, dried stains, denatured alcohol is recommended. Finally, if some color remains after cleaning, apply a stain remover and run the clothes through the washing machine.


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