Spooky Halloween Rock Painting Idea with Acrylic Paint Pens

Spooky Halloween Rock Painting Idea with Acrylic Paint Pens

One of the most awaited, enchanting, and mysterious parties is just around the corner. Halloween! We are excited to have already prepared some exciting craft and painting ideas for Halloween. Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated every year on October 31, 2022. This day is marked as the end of summer and harvest and the beginning of dark, cold winter, a time of year often associated with human death. 


You may be wondering why Drawlish Acrylic Paint Pens?

Many artists may find Marker Paint Pens to be an excellent choice. They are water-based paint pens that use acrylic polymers to bond colors. They dry faster than oil paints and do not require solvents, making them a convenient choice that is simple to use. Acrylic is a famous painting medium for both novices and professionals due to its ease of use, quick drying qualities, and malleability. Acrylic Paint is water soluble when wet but becomes water-resistant when dry. Our Drawlish Fabric Paint Pens dry to a dazzling mirror-like appearance on plastic and light-colored surfaces.

They are also suitable for stone, ceramic, wood, pottery, glass, fabric, and rock painting. Drawlish Marker Paint Pens work best on nonporous surfaces and are widely used for street art. These smooth and light paint pens for rock painting provide great pigment quality, color strength, and longevity. Fabric Paint Pens pens can be used on nearly any firm surface, such as watercolor paper or canvas. When wet, our Acrylic Markers Pens, like other acrylics, can be wiped with water, and the paint is easily removed from your hands and skin. Once dried, the color is permanent, resilient, and weatherproof and will not shift or be washed away. So, our Drawlish Rock Painting Pens are the best and very useful for Halloween art projects.


Now let's move on to our Step by Step Halloween Rock Painting Idea for Beginners

Step 1: These fantastic decorative art and craft designs can be created with recyclable materials by hand. Take a rock of suitable shape and texture and wash it properly so that all dust particles can be removed. Now, paint a rock in your orange color using our Drawlish Acrylic Paint Marker Pens. Therefore, it looks more realistic.

Step 2: Next, draw a moon with the White Acrylic Paint Pen.


Step 3: Now, we are moving toward the next step. In this step, we will paint the edges of the rock with black acrylic paint pens.

Step 4: Do the detailing with black acrylic color to make it look spooky. We will then draw a swirly branch next to the spider. Add a few more details if needed to make it look even creepier. 

Step 5: Lastly draw white dots on the edges of the stone with White Acrylic Paint Marker. Finally, now you are done with your Spooky Halloween Rock Painting.


We recommend using Drawlish Acrylic Paint or Drawlish Marker Pens for both the base coat and your design. With these Paint Pens, you can be a bit more precise when writing or adding details.


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